Grassfed Lamb straight from the Farm!

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Now Taking orders

for our Christmas Porch delivery to Muskoka and Orillia

Delivery scheduled for December 14 2021

Available in limited quantities:

Grassfed Lamb Sides (approx 25 lbs) @$10.50/lb

-loin, leg, shoulder chops

-loin leg shoulder roasts



-bone in stew

Shepherd's Choice Bundles @$100 flat

-$100 of lamb at 10% off our retail cut prices

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Regeneratively Farming To: build soil, sequester carbon, foster biodiversity, create endangered bird habitat, restore derelicted farmland, build community, produce nutrient dense food, grow strong family and friend relationships built on wholesome values and really good food


 We're a little Grass Based Farm in Northern Ontario


Hello, We are the Johnson Family (Andrew, Heather, Sage, Billy and Tilly) and we started this farm in 2010.  Our aim is to produce for our local food shed, the kind of food we want on our family's plates,  while being sensitive to the diverse and beautiful Northern Ontario ecosystem.

Our focus is  producing quality grassfed lamb with an emphasis on grazing, and managing our pastures for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and endangered bird habitats.

We support species such as Bobolink, Meadowlark, Tree Swallow, Night Hawk and Sandhill Cranes.

We also practice wildlife friendly predator control by using Livestock Guardian Dogs to bark at and scare away predators, instead of harming them directly.

We take great pride in farm life, rural ways and raising our children on the farm, with a love for and sensitivity to the outdoors, science, nature, ecology and animal husbandry.



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All Pictures on this site were SNapped on the farm and represent daily farm life