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Our 2021 Hatching Season is Complete! Please join us next year for our 2022 Hatching Season at our new Farm Location in Earlton Ontario

We are the sister enterprise to The Muskoka Lamb Company!

We raise a number of specialty breed ducks for the hobbiest or farmgate egg farmer. To order ducklings please review the information below and use the online order form provided below OR just email us at 


Because we are passionate about regenerative agriculture, animal welfare and food production; we like to empower you to grow your own food too! Ducks are a fun way to produce your family's egg supply or eggs for the small farmgate flock. Duck Eggs are a specialty product and legal for ungraded sales at Ontario Farmer's Markets. Duck eggs are not supply managed. 

For optimum health, we manage our ducks on pasture, just like we do our larger livestock. We pay close attention to animal welfare; we want our ducks to be just ducky. Of course, to keep strains pure they must be managed in pens during breeding season. For this time, most of our breeding ducks are managed in portable pasture shelters, allowing them access to fresh nutritious bugs and grass daily. When the breeding season is over, all of our ducks access a  dedicated duck pasture, with a natural pond for swimming. 

To keep our ducks healthy, we practice strict biosecurity on our farm. This means that visitors may not enter poultry pens, to reduce risk of pathogens being tracked in. You can however, view our layer duck flock, from the driveway or road when you pick up your ducklings. 

2021 Duckling Orders

All pick ups are on farm in Severn Bridge, Saturday mornings 9-11 am and Sunday evening from 6-8pm.

We will contact you after you place your order, to discuss breed selections and availability dates, then invoice you for deposit. Your order is confirmed once we have received deposit. 

Orders for Ducklings are filled on a first come first served basis through the season. As we are a small family duck breeder and not a big hatchery, we cap orders when we feel we are nearing capacity.

Our main ducks are Khaki Campbells and Black Beauties, which are available in larger quantities.

Place your Duckling Order
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Early Bird section 

Open for orders in February. 

for ducklings hatching mid April - late May.

Khaki Campbells, Buffs and White Runners hatching starting April 17. 

Black Beauties and Runner Mix hatching starting May 1. 

Main Season Section

Open for orders in early May.

We ask that you patiently wait til May to order your June/July ducklings!

This will give us a better idea of how the girls are laying and what sort of capacity we can expect into late spring. 

All breeds are available for main season orders with hatching starting June 5

We require that you place a 25% deposit* on your order at time of ordering.

*Deposits are non refundable, if you change your mind.

*If we have a hatch problem, we will transfer your order to a different breed selection or refund your deposit.

To place an order please review our available breeds and email with desired quantities and breeds. We will confirm projected dates and invoice you for your deposit. 

Canada day 066.jpg
Young Khaki Campbell and Black Beauty 

Pricing is tiered with a minimum order of 3 ducks:

3 to 5 ducks $15 each

6 to 9 ducks $12 each

10+ ducks $10 each

All Crested ducks $15 each regardless of volume.

Please Review our FAQ when you place your order 

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2021 Available Breeds

All pictures are of our actual Breedstock, during winter in their non-breeding colours. These are the actual lines you are investing in! Not rando internet duck photos!!

Khaki Campbell

The Khaki Campbell is a busy, little brown duck who lays an abundance of white medium to large sized eggs.


This is our primary duck and the one which we base our own farm gate layer flock upon.


No other duck will offer so many eggs, (250 per year under good care) with good feed conversions, and boast weathering our cold Ontario winters so well to boot.


An ideal duck for Farm Gate Egg sales, easy to keep, joyous to watch and great for beginners.

Khakis make a good homestead duck, with Drakes dressing to a 2.5-3 lb carcass in the fall. Some but not all older ducks will realiably set eggs. With good care these ducks can self perpetuate on the homestead.

Combine these with Black Beauties for an eye catching Black and Tan flock!

Khaki Campbells

taking duck pics 270.jpg

Black Beauty Ducks

Black Beauty

The Black Beauty is an outstanding shiny black duck of our breeding, and one of our primary ducks.

We developed this duck to have all the regal beauty of the Cayuga, the shimmering green and purple highlights in the jet black feathers, but to lay far more eggs.


This hardy duck is capable of keeping up with the best farm gate layers, and adds a dark, mysterious beauty to your farm or hobby flock.

Laying around 200 large white or grey tinted large eggs per year, Black Beauties will not dissapoint you in the egg department.


An ideal duck for farm gate egg sales, easy to keep and great for beginners.


Drakes grow slowly and dress to a 4lb carcass in the fall.

Combine these with Khakis for an eye catching Black and Tan flock!

White Indian Runner

Elegance and Grace are the words which come to mind when thinking of the white runner duck.


A classic beauty to compliment the backyard pond area, in a true wine bottle shape.

Runner ducks produce a good quantity of white and blue medium to extra large sized eggs. Runner ducks are equally at home on land as in the pond. Excellent foragers, very capable of slug removal in the garden.

Runners require a little more winter care than some of the tougher breeds. Not known for broodiness.

Our whites are our highest quality of runners, with our breedstock coming from showing lines. *limited quantities.

white runners.jpg
taking duck pics 175.jpg

Indian Runner Mix

A mix of runner ducks in several colour varieties including but not limited to Mallard, Trout, Emory Pencilled and possibly White.

No specific colour selection available.

Known for their upright pose, funny disposition and wine bottle shape, Runner ducks produce a good quantity of white and blue medium to extra large sized eggs.

Runner ducks are equally at home on land as in the pond.


Excellent foragers, very capable of slug removal in the garden.

Runners require a little more winter care than some of the tougher breeds, especially during their first winter.  

Crested Indian Runner

Runner ducks with a majestic powder puff atop the head!

Our crested runners carry a small but elegant crest on the top of their head.

We use a modified breeding program to select for small-medium sized crests.

We feel this is a humane option as excessive crests which can leave portions of the head unprotected by bone cover, putting female ducks at a great risk to injury.


Both elegant and exotic in appearance, crested runner ducks seem to carry an air of royalty with them.

In a mix of colour varieties. No colour selection available at this time.

*limited quantity

*No guarantee as to how crest develops as duck grows.

*We suggest keeping crested females with a low drake ratio and apart from over active breeding drakes. Damage may occur to the female's head beneath the crest from aggressive Drakes.


Removal of overly aggressive drakes is a must with these beautiful, delicate girls. Crested drakes require no special care.

taking duck pics 133.jpg

Buff Ducks
Buffs are recognized simply as "Buff Ducks" under the APA standard, and are the only breed of poultry registered under only the colour name.

In the UK they are officially known as "Buff Orpington Ducks" and are sometimes called that name in Ontario as well. 


Buffs are a beautiful medium-large sized dual purpose heritage duck, weighing in at 7-8 lbs. They may produce around 200 eggs per year under good management. Buffs raised for meat produce a saleable carcass in 10-12 weeks. dressing at 3.5-5 lbs


This breed is an ideal homesteader’s duck, producing ample quantities of both meat and eggs, cold hardy, and capable of setting their own eggs.

taking duck pics 056.jpg

Gold Welsh Harlequin

A stunning, cold hardy homestead duck in pretty pastel muted gold and bronze tones. This duck was orginally developed from Khaki Campbell stock, and the Gold is the orginal colour variant of the Welsh Harlequin.

Welsh Harlequins are calmer more docile than their busy little Khaki cousins.

Gold stippling of feathers against a cream coloured base, with a bronze speculum set the hen apart from any other breed. Her bill and feet are a striking dark brown to black.


Drakes are similar with a muted claret tone to the breast, orange bills and feet. Drake’s heads vary from bronze, to green to grey tones through the breeding season.

A good layer of medium to large white to cream eggs, this duck is larger than their Khaki Campbell cousins. Drakes dress to 4.5 lbs in the fall. Mature hens will set eggs, and a self perpetuating flock is possible.

*Limited Quantity

taking duck pics 111.jpg
taking duck pics 090.jpg

Heavy Meat Cross

Primarily based on Pekin genetics, this is a heavy meat duck for your table. Finish to a 4lb dressed carcass in 8-10 weeks. 


We built this cross primarily on Pekin, but with some of our other heavier ducks in there too. We found our breeding Pekin females to struggle to keep up on pasture due to their heavy keels and deep chests.


We offer this duck as a more workable meat duck solution for a pasture based small farm, especially those who wishes to free range their ducks and maintain their own breedstock.


Our meat cross is a large white duck with orange feet and bill, some variance in plumage with the odd brown or black coloured markings.

*Limited quantities