Livestock Guardian Dogs

    Wildlife Friendly Predator Control

We proudly work along side these majestic gentle giant guardian dogs as our primary method of predation protection for our livestock. 


Located in Ontario's  near North, Muskoka experiences extremely high predator pressure.  Under animal welfare codes of practice created and regulated by the National Farm Animal Care council we have a mandate to provide safety from from risk of predation to animals under our care. 

We also live within the MNR's proposed Algonquin Wolf Recovery Strategy protected zone. This means that the concept of enforcing no shooting or trapping of wild canids in the area we live has been tabled.

Because we are passionate about ecology and biodiversity we have made a choice to be proactive about the development of this potential future legislation and use dogs to the best of our ability, allowing us to work with nature, instead of attack or harm it.

Our dogs live with the livestock 24/7 on the field, in their houses, side by side, leaving only briefly for dinnertime each day.

We fence our dogs into paddocks with the livestock; they do not chase or fight or harm wildlife. Their primary method is to bark, giving notice to the predators to not come around.

Because we keep our dogs penned in with the stock we need a pair of dogs to guard each group of animals. 

While we need more dogs to run our farm than a farm which uses a combination of shooting wild canids and using dogs to combat with wild canids, we feel that taking this progressive stance on seeking balance between nature and agriculture is a good way forward.

Our LGDs protect our stock from: Coyotes, Wolves, Foxes, Racoons, Fishers, Weasels, Hawks and bears.  Because they live on the farm, their protection also extends to the farm kids, intruders, and keeping bears out of the garbage.


Livestock Guardian dogs tend to have a long juvenile stage and can take up to two years of settling down before they guard stock well.

We consider ourselves blessed and fortunate to share our working and home lives with these magnificent beings.

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